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Hear from some of the founders and leaders I've been privileged to coach on their journeys to overcome the hardest parts of company building with Sanity Labs:

One of the best ROI decision I’ve ever made was hiring Matt Munson. Matt played a pivotal role in helping me navigate the sale of my A16Z-backed company to Medium, and has been my go-to sounding board as a founder. Having Matt on your side is an unfair advantage that I wish every company leader could have.

Warren Shaeffer

VP at Medium (prior CEO Knowable) | Angel Investor

I am now never alone.

Susana Saeliu

Co-founder & CEO at Pluto Pillow

Coaching with Matt helped me realize that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes it to being a CEO, and that I need to lean into my strengths and what I love. Being different isn't a flaw...I have gained a lot of confidence in my leadership style and my role from coaching. It looks wildly different from CEOs out there, and our business has been damn successful since I embraced who I was, rather than trying to fit into the archetype of what everyone says a CEO should be.

Michelle Lin

CEO at Kinetic Brands | Forbes 30 Under 30

It’s hard to convey the gratitude I feel towards Matt. The coaching sessions he shared with me came at particularly challenging moments in my personal and professional life. He opened space for me to feel closely supported while sharing the impact of these circumstances.

Ed Halliday

COO at Fire Tech

On a couple especially bad days at work, I emailed Matt to talk. And he was amazing. Through some magical set of skills that I still don't fully understand, he provided seemingly instant emotional relief (I imagine it's what morphine feels like) and then nurtured the space to become grounded again so that I could lead effectively. I've had plenty of bad days at work and spoken to many friends and advisors about them, but I've never met anyone else who had this sort of effect on me. Matt must do this a lot, because he's a total wizard at it.

Tina Liu

CEO at Skylark Bio

One gap that my co-founder and I had before working with Matt was being able to take a step back and think more strategically. Matt's work enabled us to map out a renewed company vision that our team had been waiting on us for months...we were able to see much more clearly and make several critical decisions a few months ago that we had been procrastinating on. A few months later, I'm more optimistic about the company than I've ever been...We were so happy with our results with Matt that we got Sanity Labs coaching for the entire leadership team. Reviews have been stellar thus far!

Matthew Liu

Co-CEO & Co-founder at Origin Protocol

Matt is a rockstar! He would spend time listening very closely to me and would tease out key items that turned out to be the main subconscious drivers of my main challenges. A magician in a word! The ability to be totally open and honest about issues that were affecting me and having a former CEO and highly skilled person on the other side of that conversation provide concise and clear advice and feedback was a mind blowing experience. It was utterly critical for me to get perspective on my issues and tackle them in a constructive way.

Snehal Patel, M.D., J.D.

Prior CEO MyDoc, Venture Capitalist

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